Universal Rearset With Folding Pegs


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Universal Rearset With Folding Pegs


Universal adjustable, indexable rearsets. These are indexable 360 degress. Fully constructed with billet 6061 aluminum.
These come with folding pegs as opposed to hard mounted. The advantage of folding pegs is mainly a safety thing. With hard mounted pegs, if you take a corner a little too enthusiastically, a hard mounted peg can become the tipping point and lift one of your wheels off the ground. When that happens you’re going to have serious problems, whereas with folding pegs if you do get into that situation, instead of becoming a pivot point for the bikes center of gravity the pegs simply fold up slightly and life goes on.

If you’re anything like me, and aren’t happy on your motorbike until you’ve installed flat bars or clip-ons so you’re basically in a Superman pose, chances are you’ve experienced that arduous, cramped riding position where your knees are basically up around your elbows and you hate life.

This can be remedied simply by adding a quality set of rearsets to your set up. You can then control your iron steed from the rear pegs, giving you a much more aggressive riding position, and alleviating cramped riding positions due to having low mounted bars without comprimise.

Never comprimise.

Features of this item:

– 360 degrees of indexability
– Completely adjustable
– 6061 billet aluminium construction

Additional Information

Weight 0.75 kg
Dimensions 15 x 15 x 15 cm


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