Motogadget M-Tri



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Motogadget M-Tri

Motogadget have spent many delevopment hours working on the new M-Tri’s. Perfect for removing the bulky instruments and installing a single gauge. Removing the stock gauges makes the CAN bus  inoperable until NOW.

indicator lights: left/right turn signallow fuel indicator

error memor

high beam


water temp HIGH

and oil pressure

Some of the indicator lights on instruments with 4 or 5 LEDs are multi-functional.

Easy to install with no soldering necessary in a plug and play solution.


The m-Tri bundle price is only available when purchasing a Motogadget gauge at the same time. BOTH products – an m-TRI and an instrument (gauge) – must be in your shopping cart at the time of purchase. This discount is not available when one of the products is purchased at a later date. 

Does NOT work with the Motoscope Pro! 
TO identify the correct model year, one can locate it on the VIN number (you have to use that letter to clearly identify the model year).  It is the 10th digit from the right on the Triumph VIN numbers.

A = 2010

B = 2011

C = 2012

D = 2013

E = 2014

F = 2015

G = 2016


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