M – Unit V2 Digital Push Button Controls and Fuse Panel



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Product Description

M – Unit V2 Digital Push Button Controls and Fuse Panel


The m-Unit V.2 is a digital control unit for your motorbike – the ‘heart’ of the vehicle’s electrical system.

The m-Unit V.2 can be operated by push-button control or conventional switch controls mounted at the handle bar. The control box is used for switching of all necessary vehicle components and doubles as fuse panel.
Its compact case has the approximate size of a cigarette box and is completely moulded in – resistant to water, weather and vibrations.
It is easily mounted by two M5 screws. All cable connections are made using terminal blocks.
The m-Unit V.2 is the ‘electrical heart’ of the motorbike. All switching operations are completely digitally controlled by a microprocessor and the latest solid-state technology – completely without mechanical relays, taking vehicle electrical systems to a new level!
Features of the new version V.2

– reduced standby current of 0.35 mA (equivalent to 0.00035 A) if alarm system off, and 0.48 mA (equivalent to 0.00048 A) if alarm system on –  for longerbattery life
– alarm system triggered by position-independent MEMS 3D gravity sensor.Installation in every position possible
– alarm system with adjustable pre-alarm and adjustable levels of sensitivity
– alarm system can be deactivated for easy transport mode
– integrated parking light
– voltage range of 3V to 20V
– can be used with 6V and 12V electrical systems
– with extended voltage range, starting of an engine with a large displacementor high compression is no longer a problem
– protected against reverse polarity
– protected against overvoltage
– extreme cable reduction by integrating all cables of switch or push buttons control including brake light switch in the handlebar. With only one cable the m-Unit V.2 is operated via a digital bus technology (product m-Button is required)
Dimensions and specifications

L/W/H: 101 x 61 x 28 mm
Weight: approx. 180 g
Fixture: 2 x M5 screws, stainless steel (mounting and ground terminal), 1 x M5 screw-on terminal for battery positive
Operating voltage: 3V – 20V
Operating temperature: -20 °C… 80 °C

1 x input (plus, switched) for ignition lock or m-Lock
7 x pilot input (minus/ground, switched) for left turn signal, right turn signal, low beam/high beam, starter, horn, brake light, kill switch or setup respectively

8 x output (plus) for left turn signal, right turn signal, low beam, high beam, starter, horn, brake light, AUX (switched plus for all other appliances)
Parts delivered

m-Unit V.2, approx. 50 cm connector cable for battery plus terminal with 10 mm² nominal cross-section, 2 cable eyelets, 1 x M5 stainless steel screw, 2 x M5 stainless steel screw with nut, detailed installation and operating instructions

All advantages summarized

Control over handle bar push-buttons or conventional switch control units
Completely replaces the fuse panel Up to 8 independent circuits are digitally monitored and de-energized in case of failures. After removal of the fault, the safety feature is automatically reset
Diagnostics for all circuits use 15 status LEDs
highest possible operational dependability with micro processor controlled and monitored switching operations
flexible feature configuration due to simple device setup
No mechanical relays – newest generation semiconductors switch quickly, free of loss and wear.
utterly compact dimensions
The m-Unit V.2 provides for hassle-free wiring and requires minimal wiring harnessing.
Control of high and low beam possible with only one push-button.
Digital hazard light control – stays on even after de-energizing the main system.
integrated digital, load independent flasher relay (like m-Flash), timer-controlled automatic deactivation.
selectable flasher mode with fade-in/fade-out effect like with the m-Wave! timer-controlled automatic deactivation.
Navigation light feature selectable over all turn signals! Permanent low-light at each turn signal.
integrated digital brake light modulator (like m-Stop), selectable flasher mode.
integrated alarm system (gravity field sensor)
intelligent deactivation of certain devices at engine startup
only one cable required to control combined rear and brake lights
completely water tight and vibration resistant

Additional Information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 10 x 10 x 10 cm


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