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The Danmoto Nano Cockpit is a fully equipped multifunctional instrument with extremly small dimensions.
Because of this it’s easy to hide on your motorcycle or to set it into your triple trees or fueltank. The surface is paintable and can be easily matched to your bike. It has two small thread bolts for a simple installation.

The Nano Cockpit can be used on any vehicle which is equipped with an 12V electric system. The speed is measured with an supplied sensor.The RPM signal is taken from the ignition coil.

Included with the unit:
– Danmoto Nano Cockpit
– Speed Sensor,
– High performance magnet
– Wiring diagram,
– User manual

Features of this item:
– Speedometer up to 999 kmh or mph,
– Tachometer up to 14.000 RPM
– Tripcounter, Odometer
– Indication lights for turn signals, oilpressure, high beam and neutral
– Select between Kmh or mph,
– Blue background illumination
– Operation temperatur -30C to 80C,
– Operation Voltage 9 – 17V
– Waterproof,
– Antifog Display Coating
– UV resistant Casing,
– Anti-Vibration design
– Adjustable wheel circumfence 1 – 4999mm

Additional Information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 20 x 10 x 10 cm


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