Danmoto GP Extreme Lobster Welded Slip on Muffler KTM Duke 390 2013-2015 GP Extreme


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If you’re after some GP inspired muff goodness, the lobster welded GP Extreme from Danmoto could be for you. The Danmoto GP Extreme muffler is a race inspired exhaust, made with the same technique as real MotoGP exhausts.

It has a deep, throaty sound that will send you into throes of ecstacy. Every exhaust is completely hand crafted by Danmoto’s skilled technicians. The muffler sleeve, mid pipe, end caps and inner construction of the exhaust are made completely from SS304 Stainless steel and all welds have been done by a TIG welding expert.

These slip-ons offer massive weight reduction over stock exhaust systems; weighing in at around 1.3kg; including the mid pipe and all mounting hardware it’s about 2.5kg .The overall length of the muffler is about 450mm with 90mm max OD.

Every Danmoto Exhaust is developed specially for each bike. Installation of this exhaust requires no fuelling adjustments/tuning and gives an instant power increase over stock of average 4%, and with adjusted fuelling even more power is accessible.

If you want to see/hear the exhaust on the bike, please visit YouTube and search for “Danmoto”. Hundreds of happy customers uploaded videos of our exhausts on their bikes.

The exhausts are sold as open “Race Version” without Baffle. This doesn’t mean that they’re just empty, open tin cans; inside each exhaust is a bike specific core with a packing of long lasting fiber material, specially composed for each motorcycle.

An additional baffle is available, which reduces the noise level but keeps the nice tone and rumble.

Included in delivery:
1 muffler,
1 mid pipe,
Mounting hardware

If your bike is equipped with an O2 (lambda) Sensor in the muffler section, you need to purchase an additional O2 Sensor Eliminator.
Danmoto Exhausts do not come with Bungs for O2 sensors.

Dimensions as follows:

  • For use on the KTM Duke 390 2013-2015 GP Extreme

Additional Information

Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 50 x 30 x 30 cm


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