Danmoto 180º Digital Cockpit


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This beautiful cockpit combines speedometer, tachometer, fuel level gauge, coolant/oil temperature gauge and 5 indication lights in one.

It’s classic, simple design allows it to be used on any vehicle. A classic chopper or a modern sportsbike, even in a car, this gauge is up to the job.

Range of functions:
– Speedometer up to 999 kmh or mph,
– Tachometer up to 14.000 RPM
– Tripcounter, Odometer
– Fuel Level bar gauge 0-100 Ohm range
– Cooland/Oil Temperature bar gauge 1000-17 Ohm range (10C-130C VDO Standart)
– Indication lights for turn signals, oilpressure, high beam and neutral
– Select between Kmh or mph,
– Blue background illumination
– Operation temperature -30C to 80C,
– Operation Voltage 9 – 17V
– Waterproof,
– Antifog Display Coating
– UV resistant Casing,
– Anti-Vibration design
– Adjustable wheel circumfence 1 – 4999mm

This Cockpit can be used on any vehicle
which is equipped with an analog, 12V electric system.

The speed is measured with a supplied sensor.
The RPM signal is taken from the ignition coil.

Features of this item:

Comes with all necessary wiring, wiring diagrams and instructions

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Weight 0.4 kg
Dimensions 20 x 10 x 10 cm


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