Cleveland Heist VM30 Carb kit


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Cleveland Heist VM30 Carb kit

Here’s the jet kit including the pilot and the 3 jets we used to successfully run the very cool VM30 carb. We have done dyno runs with this setup and got 8% better torque through the midrange with a free flowing exhaust. Response was also improved.

Kit includes:

  • VM Carb
  • Manifold to suit VM carb
  • Emulsion tube
  • Main Jet
  • Pilot jets x 2
  • Needle to suit
  • Exhaust

We have tested this setup on a stock Heist. After many hours on the dyno and testing it in real world conditions we can confirm this to be the best carb upgrade we have done on the Heist motor. It’s been designed to suit Australian conditions. Extra noise and 15% more horsepower over stock.


For a video of a bike running with the upgrades, check this out: Youtube video

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Dimensions 10 x 10 x 10 cm

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