RK Chain 428 x 126 links



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RK Chain 428 x 126 links

These excellently made chains have the quality you’d expect from a Japanese company and work perfectly on many small capacity bikes.

Here’s a couple of questions you might ask.

Why is this a similar price to better ‘o-ring’ chains you sell.

a) We love o-ring and x-ring chains. They keep more oil in the moving parts and this increases longevity. These chains also increase drag. With smaller capacity bikes every bit helps so for us it’s a toss up as to which way to go.

Why choose the RK chain then.

a) Purely on the quality of the chain. If you could get a 428 Japanese made x-ring chain for the same price then we might go that way. Bang for the buck and assuming you will oil your chain at regular intervals this is the choice we go with on all of our smaller capacity bikes (like the Mercurys and ST-250’s).

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