“You’re only limited by your imagination!”


Mostyn Wild

This build is one in a series of Braaap Mercury builds we are doing.

The 'Wild' includes:

  • Whitewall tyres
  • Custom paint
  • Airbox removal
  • Custom seat
  • Different handlebars/graip and mirrors
  • price: $7000.00
Mostyn Envy

The Mostyn Envy is one of our favourite Cafe Racer builds to date. The call was for a british racing green 'but in metallic'. The chocolate diamond stitch seat works really well with the colour.

The upgraded carb meant we were able to clean out the space where the airbox would have been and get another 10% performance out of the bike. Small touched like the headlight grill, bars and mirrors just finish it off.


Mostyn Mild

Mostyn Mercury ‘Mild’   Introducing the dapper gentleman motorcycle in our range of Mercurys. The Mostyn ‘Mild’ is a brand new Motorcycle designed right here in Australia.   Features of this great bike include:

  • Shinko Whitewall tyres
  • Café Racer Looks
  • Bar-end mirrors
  • Chrome Guards,
  • Flat Handlebars
  • 250cc motor
  • This whole package is available right now for $5500.00

This CB550/4 started off life as a quazi bobber with questionable characteristics. What we ended up with is a light and growly machine that had no troubles in the twisties and looks great standing still.




This is an SR500 that has been chopped at the back. Unlike a lot of our bobbers, this one kept some rear suspension for a slightly easier ride. Very low and very loud. An absolute pleasure to ride.

Jailbird CX500

The jailbird started life out as a late model CX500. We dropped the back and made custom fenders up. We also changed all the lights to our 'slotted' range. the airbox was removed and airpods installed. The 2 into 1 exhaust was ceramic coated and the custom seat was made in-house to get that low profilefeeling. in total we removed 30kg's off the CX and the satin black paint job finished it off.

XS650 Hardtail

This is how a lot our XS650/Triumph builds start. this jig allows us to get the frames millimetre perfect. From here we mock up the build before pull down and final paints etc. Notice the ability to extend/shorten the back end as well as change the head angle.